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Shenda Amery

Artist, Painter and Bronze Sculptor

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About Shenda Amery

Shenda Amery was born in 1937 in Somerset, England.

In 1959 she relocated to Tehran, Iran to take up a job as a chemist at Tehran University. It was there that she fell in love with both the country and her husband, Iranian architect, Nezam Khazal. These events helped her to find an artistic passion as a painter.

When the Iranian Revolution began in 1979, she and her family returned to London.  Having suffered from the traumatic experience, Amery found that she had lost her concentration and passion for painting. However, she found new inspiration in sculpting.  She attended modelling classes to learn how to create bronze busts and work with clay.

“I found clay to be a fantastic medium. I began sculpting with a new fervour. It saved my sanity.”

Her first notable work, which helped her gain recognition, was sculpting then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981.  Amery’s career spans over 4 decades creating many well-known portrait and artistic pieces over the years.

Amery has a studio in Chelsea, London and she is a member of the Chelsea Art Society, Free Painters and Sculptors, and the Royal Society of Sculptors.

Her works have been displayed in a variety of exhibitions including shows at the Royal Society of British women sculptors, Cleveland’s Dorman Museum, London’s Orangery and at various museums in Iran.

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Baroness Betty Boothroyd close up

Amery has created bronze bust portraits for several important public and high-profile figures.

The first, which brought her to the public’s attention, was sculpting Baroness Margaret Thatcher.  When the bust was revealed, Baroness Thatcher was quoted to have exclaimed “It is your genius that has put my expression into that bronze!”

Amery subsequently sculpted John Major, who sat for her during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Other subjects have included Baroness Betty Boothroyd (which is in the Palace of Westminster), Dame Margaret Beckett, Baron David Blunkett (unveiled in Sheffield University), the late King Hussein of Jordan and Queen Noor, and the former President of South Korea, Dr Lee Hong-Koo, among many others.

These works, created from bronze, fiberglass, plastic, and resin, capture the essence of each of her subjects; their expressions and recognisable features are moulded into the clay.

Shenda Amery has a love and passion for the animal kingdom, having created many pieces in their honour.

One such notable work was installed into London’s Regents Park Children’s Zoo; ‘Unseen Prey’. Featuring two cheetahs frozen in the moment of their pursuit, their prey is unknown to the viewer.

“I chose the animal kingdom because that is from where we evolved. I am, I suppose, posing the question ‘Have we truly evolved beyond our primitive urges in a political sense, or have we compounded more complex and contentious strains of violence to our natures’.”

Another installation into Regent's Park’s Zoo is ‘Ambika Paul’.  This stunning fountain depicts Lord Paul’s daughter, Ambika, who sadly died of leukaemia in 1968, at the age of four. Ambika had loved the zoo and her father became a generous donor to the zoo after her death.

Scream of the Arabs close up
RAGE 1 close up

In recent years Shenda Amery has been exploring her artistic roots as a painter and expressing her feelings on how man is affecting the world and the environment.

Notably, her exhibition entitled ‘RAGE’ sought the viewer to face these issues and addresses the breakdown of society, overpopulation, pollution, greed, and violence.  These works complement each other and create a forced tension not easily overlooked.  Amery’s works are emblematic of her Anglo-Iranian life and the various Iranian, Islamic and Eastern influences.




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