Shenda Amery's Work


View many of the high-profile figures Shenda Amery has cast in bronze during her 40-year career in her portfolio below.

From Prime Ministers to politicians, Presidents to kings, Amery has captured the essence and personality of every figure she has sculpted.

An average portrait sculpture requires 4 sittings each lasting 1 hour each. She will work on the piece between sittings and when the clay work is completed, it goes off to be cast in bronze.



View a selection of pieces created by Shena Amery based upon the animal kingdom in her portfolio gallery below.

Artworks such as the passionate and thought provoking ‘Scream of the Arab’; a piece depicting two Arab stallions representing the Arabs in the Middle East.

Or the wonder and emotion within ‘Ambika Paul’ a sculpture dedicated to a young child who died of leukaemia.



Using mixed media, Shenda Amery has painted many artworks which you can view in her portfolio below.

She’s made several important statements within her work. The ‘RAGE’ series expresses her feelings on how man is affecting the destruction of the world and the ‘Overcrowd’ series depicting the world’s ongoing overcrowding problem.


For commissions or to discuss a piece contact Shenda Amery today.